NEW Replacement Cable

6' with correct ends (crimped and soldered) with correct part number imprinted.

Part # DIMCO 28413-6 $7.49 ea.

This wire is also available in bulk. Let me know how many feet you need, for pricing.

RCA Circ-Lite Drive In Speaker Junction Box TERMINAL BLOCK.

Part #RCA9109 $7.99 ea

Simplex Drive in theatre, Junction Box BOARD with hardware and light socket Assembly.

Bulb, not included. Part # SIMPLEX-P2817/44 $19.99 ea.

BEST Waterproof Speaker!

Replacement 4" X 4" speaker 8 ohm, 6 watt, 10 watt max., waterproof clear mylar cone making it ideal for outdoor applications.

$9.99 ea.

My BEST SOUNDING 4" X 4" Speaker

This is our best sounding replacement speaker! This Speakers is a 4" X 4", 8 ohm, Full Range. 145 HZ to 17K HZ, 10 Watt Max. speaker.

$9.99 ea. Sold Out

RCA or Mark II Speaker Cone Screen, NOS!

This is a New Old Stock Drive-In Theatre Speaker Cone Screen that fits inside the grill of an RCA or Mark II speaker. It may fit other models. Limited stock!

$4.99 ea. Sold Out

I only have the GR-1 and GR-2 at this time. The GR-3 is no longer available. (see picture below).

$4.99 each Sold Out!

RCA Replacement Knob

Replace your knobs with new one!

$4.99 each

Knobs, Potentiometers and Springs

This is a NEW compete volume control set for 2 RCA speakers. You will get 2 Potentiometers, 2 nuts, 2 springs and 2 knobs.

$29.99 for parts pictured. Potentiometers are Sold Out! However, let me know if you only need individual parts from this group.

White, Push-On Volume Control Knob, NOS!

This is a New Old Stock item. This knob was used on a number of speakers and was sold by Projection Sound. The knob will fit most of the speakers with a knurled volume control shaft. This item is limited stock.

$4.49 ea. SOLD OUT

NEW! Aluminum Flange

Aluminum Escutcheon, Flange, Dress Ring... Whatever you want to call it. It fits over the stand pipe to dress things up for your Drive-In Speaker display. The outside diameter is 7- 5/16" and the inside hole is 2-7/16". With a little "elbow grease" you can really make the aluminum shine, or you can prime and paint it your favorite color.

$19.99 each

Wall Bracket

Drive-In speaker wall mounting bracket. This bracket is powder coated (black) and the pipe (2" I.D., 2-3/8" O.D.) can be mounted up or down... Pick the "look" that is most appealing to you. Mounting hardware is not included. Works for Parking meters also!

$44.99 Out of Stock!

HOLT Security screws, 8-32 X 7/8"

Holt theft proof housing screws, some times called "4 Flute" or "Quad Flute" commonly used on Drive-In Speakers back in the day. If you have been looking for this original Holt screw, you know how hard they are to find. We have them in stock!

25 cents each

Pictured above, Holt screwdriver and Holt screw.

HOLT Drive In Speaker, Specialty, Security SCREWDRIVER! Quad Fluted, Tool NEW!

$19.99 each

Gulmite Headed Screws

Gulmite was a security screw used on drive-in theatre speakers, old Crown school busses, Shure microphones, Maytag washers, coffee makers and I'm sure many other items. The screws that I stock are an 8-32 X 1 3/4" long. Some Drive-In Speakers used a shorter screw, you can easily cut them to length. Gulmite screws have become VERY difficult to find!!!

25 cents each

I stock a large selection of parts and replacement speakers. At the present time I have NOS (new old stock), new and used parts and speakers in my inventory. My inventory will be constantly changing, as I buy new and sell off NOS and used stock.