Duncan and Miller models 40, 50, and 50-BR parking meter parts

Of all of the very early meters, the Miller design was probably the most reliable. It is also one of my favorite designs, aesthetically. While they made thousands of them over the 20 years of production (late 30's to the late 50's) both meter and parts are starting to get hard to come by.

I always enjoyed working on this meter but now that parts are becoming difficult to find it has taken a lot of the fun out of it, sorry to say.

Duncan Miller Model 50 Parking Meter Service Manual, 28 pages

Part# D50MAN28

$12.99 ea

Duncan Model 50 Parking Meter Lenses. Pair (1 front and 1 back). Pictured with protective sheeting

Part# D50-211X2

$15.99 for the pair

Aftermarket Lock Assy. and 2 keys for the Standard Model 50 door

Again, this lock and keys is for the standard door, ONLY!

Part# D50-706-AFT

$14.99 each

A 2-pack includes a coin box lock and a entry door lock.


Original Lock Assy. with Key for the Model 50 with the "BR" or "BULL" Door

Part #: D50-9-15-16N

$99.99 each

Additional images showing how the lock fits the "BR" door

LOCK & KEYS for Duncan Model 50 Coin Box, NEW!

Part# D50-403-AFT

$14.99 each

Image below shows the lock installed in coin box.

I.D. Plate with 2 drive rivets

The I.D. Plate is blank so that you can stamp or engrave your desired information. It fits a number of models.

Parts # D50-704-1006

$4.99 each