Duncan Model 60 and later parking meter parts

Duncan Part #2202

This is the Real Thing at a GREAT price!... I bought them all and I'm passing the savings on to you!

1 to 5 ... $3.99 ea.

6 to 12.. $3.33 ea.

12 up ... $3.25 ea.

Let me know if you are looking for more than 100, 600 in a full carton.

Aluminum Instruction Plate Duncan part # 2329

I recently acquired the original tooling and artwork for the Duncan – Miller model 60, aluminum instruction plate. I was also able to get the original manufacturer to reproduce them for me to the exact original specifications... with one exception. The tooling had been damaged and would no longer punch the four 3/32" holes in the corners of the plate. The cost to repair the tooling was very expensive and I chose to hold the cost down (It would have added $3.70 per plate) and have them made without the four holes. You now have the option of drilling your own holes or installing the plates with an epoxy or double sided tape.

Note: Duncan used double sided tape on the final production run of this part, due to damaged tooling. Duncan made a number of design changes to this plate over the years and with a minimum order of 5000 pc's, I had to choose just one design. I chose the earliest, and in my opinion, the nicest looking of all of the designs that Duncan made available over the years.

The plate size and aluminum thickness all stayed the same. Only the information on the plates changed from time to time as the factory changed names and locations over the years.

1 to 5... $2.99 ea.

6 to 12.. $2.85 ea.

12 up... $2.69 ea.

Let me know if you are looking fore more than 100, 450 is a full carton.

NOT a decal, this is the REAL thing!

Duncan Parking Meter Coin Cup, Black

This Duncan parking meter coin cup fits a number of the Duncan models

$7.99 each

Rubber Gasket for lens

The gasket is cut a little long and will require trimming. The additional picture immediately above is provided to help you identify this gasket and how it is used.

$0.99 each

Duncan Coin Door Lock Assembly with NEW Key

This is probably the most common coin door assembly Duncan used. The second picture shows before assembly. Please see pictures to make sure it is the correct lock for your meter.

$109.99 ea.

NEW! Duncan Service Lock Assembly with NEW Key

This is probably the most common service assembly Duncan used. Please see pictures to make sure it is the correct lock for your meter.

$94.99 each

Note: The cam (part #2009) may look a little diferent than the cam pictures but they are totally interchangeable! (before assembly).

NEW! Duncan Lock Cylinder and NEW key

This is a very common vault lock cylinder NEW with matching NEW key that was used on a number of Duncan parking meters. Please see pictures to make sure it is correct for your parking meter.

$89.99 ea.

Genuine Duncan Replacement Flag Decals.

Flag decals are sold as a pair (front and back side of the flag).

$4.00 per pair

Genuine Duncan Dome Lens

This is the correct Duncan 8125-U-A Lens.

$15.99 each

Duncan Parking Meter FASTENER ASSEMBLY (Wedge) for your 2" I.D. Pipe, Stand or mount.

$29.99 each

Please indicate the correct washer style for your meter. "A" or "B", pictured below.

The picture above is of a model 60 meter. Your meter should have a bottom end that looks like the one in this picture. This fastener ONLY works with a model 60.

Hours of operation card

$1.00 each

The Hours of Operation card is printed on a card stock that requires you to fold on the crease for a great fit in the card holder. See below.

Duncan - Miller "60" Decal part # 2023

This decal was used on the early Duncan model 60 that had the hours of operation window in the door (see pictures for example). Note: Decal comes with an application sheet for easy aplication.

$7.99 each

Applied to an original plate (below)

Examples of the correct style of Duncan 60 meters for the decal.

Used, Early Duncan Coin Box

This coin box ONLY fits Duncan model 60 meters that have the hours of operation window in the door. You will also need to make sure that you have the chain to open the door, the inside plate with the 2 hooks and the spring clip.


Part# Dun-C-BOX-USED

$19.99 ea.

The coin box works with the meter below.

If you do not have the 3 following parts on your meter, this coin box will not work for you!

Note: You will need the 3 parts (below) or find them someplace (I do not have extras) to make this coin box work properly. Another option is to simply use the black, open coin cup that we have available.

You need this plate with the 2 hooks

You need this spring clip.

You will need this chain to open the coin box door.

This is what the box looks like when installed. As you can see, the coin box clips to the inside of the vault door.

Duncan Parking Meter model 60 Duplex High Quality DECALS, Set, Front/back

This is a set (front and back) decals for your Duncan model 60 Duplex.

14.99 each set

Decals applied to a Meter (Below)

Duncan Model 60, 3rd generation and Model 76 Pull-Up Vault Door Catch

Duncan calls this part a Bracket Assembly but I think my discription is more accurate.

This part sets in the bottom of the vault area under the coin cup and is held in place with the mounting bolt. As you turn the key, this part lifts up into the hooks on the door to lock or the cam drops this hinged part down clear of the hooks to open the vault door.

$24.99 each