Park-O-Meter, POM, Rockwell, Magee-Hale Parking Meter Parts

We have a very large selection of New and Used Park-O-Meter, Model "N" Parts. If you do not see what you are looking for, let me know, I probably have it!

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Rockwell, Park-O-Meter Model "S" Service and Parts Manual, Reprint. 13 pages.


$12.99 ea.

Rockwell, Park-O-Meter Model "N" Automatic, 23 page Service and Parts Manual, Reprint.

Part #: P-2058 R2

$14.99 ea.

Parking Meter PARTS MANUAL, Rockwell, Park-O-Meter, POM Models G, H & K, 12 page, Reprint.

Part #: P-2051

$9.99 ea.

POM Parking Meter, Park-O-Meter, Magee - Hale, TIMER CONNECTOR (drive shaft)

Limited Stock

Part # POM100-171

Used $4.99 each

Rockwell POM Park-O-Meter Lexan Lenses with gaskets

NOTE: this is NOT the correct lens for the model "S".

Limited Stock!

Part # POM101-160G2

$29.99 pair

pom, parking meter, POM lexan lenses with gaskets

for model "s" only!

Part # POM101-151G2 (1 flat, 1 curved)

Curved lens are discontinued and out of stock. I can get you flat lense.

2 POM Park-O-Meter Lens GASKETS, NEW!

Part # POM100-850-2

$3.00 pair

POM Parking Meter, Park-O-Meter snap in lens for model "N". NEW OLD STOCK!

Part # POM101-636

$4.99 ea.

Park-O-Meter, POM, Parking Meter Model "N" Decal for
Oval Instruction Plate

Part # POM100-396D

$7.99 each

Rockwell, Park-O-Meter Decal

Part # POMK105-B

$7.99 each

Magee-Hale Decal

Part # POMG105-A

$7.99 each

POM Park-O-Meter, parking meter wedge assembly for 2" id pipe and meter with taper base

Part # POM108-481

$19.99 ea.

Individual parts for Wedge assembly (above).

Bolt 100-426..........$2.00 ea

Washer POM15.....$1.00 ea

Nut 100-436...........$7.00 ea

Wedge 100-437.....$4.00 ea

POM Park-O-Meter, Magee-Hale, 10 HOUR PARKING,

Limited Stock

Part # POMA3018

$9.99 each

POM Park-O-Meter, Model "N" Parking Meter Coin Dumping Chute and mounting screw

Part # POM100-517/420

$4.99 ea

The coin chute installed in a model "N" Park-O-Meter (below).

POM Park-O-Meter, Model "G", "H" & "K" Parking Meter Coin window glasses, Coin Window Frame with the 3 screws

Limited Stock

Part # POMEG102-EDY

$19.99 each

POM Park-O-Meter, Parking Meter GRIPPER WEDGE Assembly for 2" I.D. pipe and meters with a taper base

Part# POM103-065

$19.99 each

Gripper wedge alone

Part# POM103-063

$3.50 each

The "Gripper Wedge" was designed for extreme cold conditions. Under those conditions the standard wedges could become loose. 3 wedges required.

POM Park-O-Meter, Idler Gear & E-Ring... also known as that #@%#@#% GEAR!

This gear was under designed and often failed, making it hard to find! I have a VERY limited supply of this gear, in good used condition.

Part# POM100-200/73

$9.99 ea.

Bowtie Decal for your model "G" or model "H"

Your choice, $7.99 each





Blank Number Plate with Drive Rivets. Also called an I.D. Plate with Drive Rivets.

Part #POM100-398/395-2

$3.99 each

I also have a few of the Number Plates with Drive Rivets that are stamped with a number. This is very limited stock and sells for $7.99 ea.

Park-O-Meter, Rockwell, Magee-Hale Clock Movement, USED.

Limited stock on hand. Tested for 1 hour.

Part # POM100-163

$24.99 each - Sold Out at this time! Check back.

Note: They used 3 different manufacturers, but all 3 are interchangeable.

Park-O-Meter, Magee-Hale Pair of COIN WINDOW GLASS, NEW OLD STOCK!

Part #: POME102E-2

$8.99 pair

The flat glass windows would have been held in place by a coin window frame like the picture, below. Frame is NOT included, with the windows.

LIPPED CASE WASHER LOCK CATCH, Rockwell Park-O-Meter, POM Model "N", Reconditioned.


Part # POM100-433RE

$19.99 each

As installed (below)