(1) I can pick, rework, re-key, replace (new and used), clean, lubricate, modify or do about anything you would ever want done to most Duncan RESTRICTED lock cylinders. Not many locksmiths can pick this lock… I have special picks and a lot of practice!

(2) One key does not fit all Duncan parking meters. Every town had at least 2 different keys for the meters they serviced and collected money from. This allowed them to send a service guy out to work on the meter without giving him a chance to fill his pockets with coins. Each town also had its own key codes. Just like your house key might open every door in your house, it doesn’t open the guy down the street's doors.

(3) If the meter is not open, you will not know the exact style of lock cylinder that you need. Depending on the model, door style, and catch style, you may need any number of lock cylinders that city’s used over the years.

(4) For security reasons, Duncan did not stamp a number on the lock cylinder, only the key. Key codes are VERY difficult to obtain! You can try to get that information from the city that originally had the meters... But normally they will not give (or don't know) that information. That's why we pick, decode and make keys for your meter. In some cases we will be required to reset the lock cylinder if that code is still in service. Note: on some ACE 7 pin barrel vault locks used by POM and other manufactures, they stamped a code on the outside of the lock. This code woud start with "EX" or "MM" followed by a number or numbers. I can often make a key from that code.

(5) I only know of one Duncan meter that had a model number on it and that was a very early Duncan-Miller model 60 that had a plate under the dome that read "The DUNCAN-MILLER 60". Park-O-Meter had a plate on some of the model "N" meter that indicated that it was a model "N". I can’t think of another parking meter that had a model number on it. A picture is worth a thousand words! Send me GOOD pictures of your meter and I will do my best to I.D. it for you.

Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

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